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Chapter 5 Chapter Five

  • When I reached home, my mom wasn't around as usual she's always busy. I was very hungry I went to the convenience store bear our house to buy some kimchi. it's been long since I talked to my siblings I called Lisa on phone, but she didn't pick up I called her again, but she told me that she's busy writing songs that she'll call me later. I called my other siblings but they didn't pick up same with my Dad. I hardly talked to my Dad because we don't live together my mom and my Dad are separated but not divorced. I called Rosé and she answered my call. I told her about Hans and she was giving me tips on how to get closer to him but those tips were useless.
  • it's Friday, am very happy because we're going on a weekend. my mom travelled to the countryside for a shoot. she said she'll be coming back the next week but use said they've increased it to a month. Hans, Jennie, Ni-ki and I entered the bus together. when we came down and started walking towards the school gate I gathered courage to ask Hans about the BTS concert. He said it'll be next week an sit will be held in Seoul. he told me to get ready. I was very happy.
  • After the morning lesson I was happy that Pearl didn't come to disturb me. we had physical education in the afternoon. my class and Hans class joined together that is the Junior class and the senior class. Am not good at sports. Jennie was sitting beside me in the sports room “I heard that Pearl is very good at throwing ball so you have to be careful. I doubt that she won't be targeting you because she might hit the ball on your face” Jennie whispered in my ear.
  • Immediately the physical education teacher entered the sports room, we all assembled together. “ you all will be divided into two groups and we need nine players from the two groups” the teacher said. “am not interested” I told Jennie. I turned to leave the sports room the physical education teacher called me back “Susan unfortunately Dantel wasn't be able to come to school today so you'll have to replace him” the physical education teacher said. I sighed and join the others. Pearl glared at me but I pretended not to see her. Hans and Pearl were together. Hans had to protect Pearl because the boys had to protect the girls so they won't get hurt. Ni-ki and I were together. Immediate blew the whistle everyone started playing.
  • fortunately for me Ni-ki protected me. it wasn't long everyone left the group it was only Ni-ki and I in our group and then Hans and Pearl in their group. Hans didn't want to me to get hurt so he hit Ni-ki the ball. Ni-ki left I was the only one remaining, so my class members cheered for me, I tried my best not to hit Hans the ball but I mistakenly hit the ball at him, he left the group and told me to keep playing so that I can win. I smiled at him. it only Pearl and I remaining. Pearl true her best to bit the ball on my face but I kept avoiding it. my heart started beating very fast and I became extremely weak. At last, Pearl hit the ball at me, she thought she have won but I caught the ball in my hands then fell down and fainted.
  • I woke up and found myself in the clinic, I saw Jennie, Jisoo and Ni-ki beside me. I was surprised to see Ni-ki but he left immediately I woke up. I asked Jennie why I was in the school clinic. she replied “Just go and thank Hans, when you caught the ball and fell down and fainted, Pearl was very angry because she thought she won and our group cheered for you, Hans carried you at his back and brought even Ni-ki offered to help you” I started smiling. Jisoo looked at me suspiciously. “Why are you smiling,” she asked me. Jennie kept looking at me as I was smiling to myself. “Do you like Hans?” Jennie asked me. my heart skipped. I didn't say anything. immediately, Hans entered and asked me how I was feeling. I told him I was feeling better he bought some snacks and an energy drink for me, I told him to thank you and he touched my neck “At least your body is not hot” Hans said. “The doctor said you can go home now” Hans added. I changed my sportswear and wore my school uniform. “Instead of going home why don't we hang around, Let's go for a karaoke,” Jennie said.