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Chapter 2 Chapter Two

  • My Mom and I arrived seoul in the afternoon. Seoul is the capital of South Korea. it was a very beautiful place. My mom can speak Korean very well because her Mom is Korean and her Dad American. my mom was wearing a black nose mask and a face cap with black glasses so that people won't recognize her.
  • As I was packing our stuff from the car, My Mom's picture fell on the floor, As I picked it up and I was about raising my head up I saw a tall handsome guy with a black eyed hair he was very handsome I kept looking at him in surprise “Its this love at first sight” I asked myself. When I stood up I didn't know what to do. I greeted him “good day” I said in English. “Are you guys the new neighbors that are packing in” he asked me “Yes” I said nodding my head. “Okay nice to meet you” he said and passed me. My heart was beating very fast. I arranged my room and hanged the picture of my Idols on the fall am actually a fan girl of the popular musician band BTS. my bias is is JungKook. I know almost everything about him like he's best food and so many other things. After unpacking, it was already late in the evening me and my mom sat together and had our meal together she said she'll be going to the countryside for shooting in two weeks tim e “Why are you telling me now” I said in my mind.
  • The next day, I woke up and went downstairs for no reason with my night ware, I just wanted to see how Seoul look in the morning. when I came downstairs, I saw the boy I saw the other day, I actually looked like someone who just ran out of a psychiatric hospital, like a mad woman. my hair was tattered and I was bare-footed with my over sized nightwear and I haven't brushed my teeth. when I was yawning someone from my back said ‘hey’ I turned it was the boy. I shouted and ran upstairs. I was afraid. I ran to my room brushed my teeth, took my bathe, stretched my back hair and tied it at the back and stretched my bangs. I changed into a short jeans and a hoodie with BTS boldly written at the back. My mom has finished preparing our morning I ate with her and she baked some cookies. I don't joke with cookies because my bias from BTS, Jungkook he's nickname is Kookie an she loves cookies. I hugged my Mom from the back the back and told her. “Mom Saranghae” which means I love you. when I finished eating the cookies my mom was still baking more. “Mom why are you still baking more”? I asked her. “I want to give some to the neighbors next door” she said. “the neighbors”? I asked her “Yes of course you should try and make new friends so you won't be lonely” she replied. “okay” I said nodding my head. “So you giving it to them by yourself” I said. “Why will I do that”? she asked. I didn't say a word. “You will give it to them yourself” she said. I sneered and carried the cookies in the small basket.
  • When I knocked at the door, I was a little bit afraid, A girl of the same age with me opened the door for me. “hi am the new neighbor” I said. “Okay come inside” she said. she asked me to seat on the sofa. I rejected. “No.. thanks” I said. I actually didn't want to see the boy I saw in the morning. “Actually....My Mom said I should give you some cookies” I said. “Please seat down” the girl said. I sat down looking around, I saw the boy I was avoiding looking at me. I was frightened. “Hans come sit down”. the girl said. “Hans”? I asked her “Yes that's my brothers name”the girl said. “oh I see” I said. “Hi I didn't get to know your name we saw the other day right”? Hans said. “Yes nice meeting you” I said bending down my head. he left his seat and sat beside me and looked at my face“huh.. we saw the other day and we saw this morning” Hand said. I became afraid. “Hey can't you see that you are making her uncomfortable” the girl said. he shifted his the teat. “Anyway... my name is Hans am 18 years old and a high school student, so introduce yourself,” Hans said. As I was about to open my mouth the girl interrupted, “No wait let me introduce myself” the girl said, “My name is Jennie am 16 years old am a high school student a am a fan of Lisa and sparkling”. “ Okay« I replied. “My name is Susan am 16 years old am a high school student and am a fan of BTS,” I said. “oh my God were age mates,” Jennie said. “but she looks more mature than you” Hans cut in sharply. “So what kind of job do your parents do? do you have siblings? are you the only child”? Jennie asked me. “You're asking too many questions” Hans said. “Actually my Mom is an actress Charlotte Lee, my Dad is the Governor of Yongsan, my twin siblings one is a rapper in the group “sparkling” then the other one is a female she's in a k- a pop group known as “MenU” then .y elder sister is a musician Lisa,” I said. “Wow your family Actress, singer, rapper, dancer,” Jennie said “it's getting late I'll get going... bye,” I said.
  • As I opened the door to leave I saw someone that looked like Ni-ki I kept looking at him but he gave me a very cold look, “are you not going out”? he asked me angrily “sorry,” I said “sorry for yourself” he replied. he slammed the door against me but am quite sure that Hans and Jennie shouted at him for slamming the door against me. I entered my room at lay down on the bed “I hope it won't be Ni-ki” I said in my mind and slept off because the next day will be my first day in school.