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Chapter 19 Chapter Nineteen

  • It's Wednesday. Another day for school. “Am very tired...I don't want to go to school” I said as I stood up from the bed. “No I can't go to school late today.. never”. I prepared for school immediately. I decided to try out a new hairstyle.
  • When I was done preparing for school, I went to Jennie's apartment so that we'll go to school together. I knocked on the door, Jennie opened the door for me. I was surprised Ni-ki has not even taken his bath he was still wearing a short when I entered and he was also dancing with his EarPod in his ear. “Ahhh...” I shouted immediately I saw him and covered my eyes. Ni-ki pretended not to notice me and continued dancing. Ni-ki danced entering his room. He entered his room and was embarrassed but he pretended not to be embarrassed. “This is what I see in this house everyday” Jennie said and heaved a sigh. “Today you were determined not to come to school late” Jennie said. “Yes of course” I replied. Hans waved at me and continued drinking his coffee. “Wait for us we'll be ready soon” Jennie said. “I'll do just that” I replied and sat down to watch a movie. It wasn't long they finished preparing and we zoomed off to school.
  • When we arrived at school very early unlike other days. we saw a place where many students gathered looking at a board with a list if students name on it. “What's going on”? I asked Jennie. “The result of yesterday's test” she replied. “So early”. I asked her in surprise. “Yes if course..this school is very strict when it comes to students results” Jennie said.
  • I walked to where the other students were to see the name of students or list. “Susan wait for me” Jennie shouted and ran after me. The students who gathered there started murmuring amongst themselves. I was surprised the guys were even talking about me. I was looking at the list if names. Hans name was the number one on the board with the average of 99.9 out of 100. “He's so perfect” I said in my mind. I wonder how low her score is that her name didn't even come out” I heard one of the girls whisper to the other girl. “can you mind your business” Annie replied to the girls who were whispering amongst themselves. A junior student walked to where I was. “Senior Susan” the girl called me. “ can I help you”? I asked the Junior girl. “Mr. Kim is calling you” she replied. “Calling me”? I asked her. “yes” she replied. “Did I do anything wrong”? I asked the girl. “Let me say I don't know...let me escort you to his office” the girl said. “Okay” I replied and followed her.
  • As we were walking towards Mr. Kim's office,the girl called me.- “Senior”. “Yes” I replied. “I think the reason why Mr. Kim is calling you is because of your result” The girl said. “really”? I asked her. “Yes I think your score was very low or your fault was bad” the girl said. I couldn't say anything. “Why don't you tell senior Hans to teach you besides you guys are very in the same house, attending the same school, and he's very intelligent he gets the 1st position in every exam in his class” The girl said to me. “That's a nice idea I think I should do that but I'll think about it first. What's your name” I asked the girl. “My name is Maha” the girl replied. “Maha...I like your name” I told Maha. “you name is much cuter Susan...” Maha said. “Senior let's be friends” Maha said to me giving me a handshake. “Okay..let's do that” I brought out my hand too. “i'll be going now....bye”! Maha said to me. “bye too” I replied. Maha gave me a finger heart and turned to leave. I made a finger heart to her too.
  • I entered Mr. Kim's office. only the expression on his face tells me that he is not happy with me. “Sir, you called for me” I said to him. “Susan your result was very did you suddenly stop reading that is quite unlike were one of the best students in the school you were attending in the U.S that's the reason why I allowed you to attend this school. You're not even a full Korean. you can't even speak Korean. I allowed you into this school without much requirements” Mr. Kim said. “ he didn't collect any money from my Mom the main reason why you allowed me into this school is because of my Mom's influence” I said in my mind. “Am sorry sir..I've been very busy lately...” I couldn't complete what I was saying and he said “busy going through social media be careful so you won't reduce your mom's popularity because many of the students here hate you because they even your male friends and also be careful so that People won't know the type of family you're from” Mr. kim said to me. ”Be careful s that people won't know the type of family you're from” this word almost made tears come out from my eyes. “Did you hear what I just said”? Mr. Kim shouted at me. “Yes I replied I'll try to be more serious in the next upcoming examination” I replied. “You better be... because I won't take this kind of messed up result from you again” Mr. Kim said. “Okay” I said and left his office.
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