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Chapter 16 Chapter Sixteen

  • When we reached home, we went upstairs together. Hans and Ni-ki went to their apartment to Change their school uniforms. But Jennie refused to change her school uniform while Jisoo refused to go home.
  • “So how have you been doing”? Lisa asked me. “Am fine and you”? I replied to Her. “Am fine seems like you've made a lot of friends already, I can't believe you've forgotten about Rosé" Lisa said. “I didn't forget her, I've been speaking with her on phone but she seems very busy these days” I replied. “Do you have anything I can eat? ..I am very hungry” Lisa said. “hungry”? Jennie and Jisoo said at the same time. “What's wrong with being hungry”? I asked Jennie and Jisoo. “Oh celebrities are usually hungry, oh my god so me and celebrities have something in common. I am hungry right now” Jisoo said. I sighed. “You can check the refrigerator.. you'll see something to eat” I replied to Lisa.
  • Lisa opened the refrigerator and sighed “When will you learn how to're always buying foods in the convenience store the owner of the store will be really happy to have you around..I wonder how Mum raised you” Lisa said. “Can we not talk about Mom" I said.
  • Jennie and Jisoo stood up to leave our apartment. “We'll be back soon. Jennie said to Me . “Alright" I replied. “Let's go,” Jennie said, dragging Jisoo out of the door. “I love you Lisa," Jisoo shouted. “I love you too," Lisa replied.
  • “So why did you say let's not talk about Mom” Lisa asked me. “Why should we talk about her? She only cares about her career as an Actress. She told me that she'll be back in two weeks but this is the third week and she's not yet back..she doesn't even care if I am alive or not, only what she knows is sending money to my account every day. No wonder she and Dad Separated” I said angrily. “Susan you've gotten so rude...I thought you promised not to talk about Dad”? Lisa asked Me. “I don't want to talk about Him either," I replied.
  • “Well..I have something to tell you" Lisa said. “What do you have to tell me"? I asked her. “As you know Jennie and Jerry signed under a K-Pop Agency, so they'll be moving to Korea next month". Lisa said. “Korea"? Wow, I am so happy, I hope Dad knows about it too” I said. “And I'll be collaborating with BTS on my new song," Lisa said. “Wow, that's great news," I said. “...but the sad thing is that I can't let everyone know that I am related to You, Mom, Jerry and Jennie and also that the Governor of Yongsan is My Father" I said sadly. “That doesn't matter, maybe one day we'll take a family picture together,” Lisa said. “I don't think that's ever gonna happen because Dad won't accept it" I replied.
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