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Chapter 14 Chapter Fourteen

  • “Hey guys wake up we'll be late for school” I said to Jisoo and Jennie. Jisoo stood up immediately. " oh my gosh! I forgot that today is school I forgot my school uniform I didn't bring it with me" Jisoo said. Jennie stood up as she chewed her hairs yawning at the same time. " it's morning already"? Jennie asked me. " no it's not yet morning continue sleeping....what do you do you think it is by the time this is 7:40am and we are supposed to be in school in immediately 8:00 a.m."I said "why are you being unnecessarily rude this morning" Jennie asked me. "Why won't i be because of you guys am going to be flogged" I replied to Jennie. "It's no ike you will be the only one....what about us”? Jisoo said. “please do you have a school uniform that I can wear to school today..”? Jisoo said “I'm going to my apartment to prepare for school please you guys should wait for me when you're done” Jennie said leaving “follow me” I said to Jisoo. “I'll take this one it.. looks sexy on me right..”? Jisoo said. “Are you mad...? that's the shortest among them take the long one” I said to Jisoo. “It's not like we are going to get flogged for wearing short skirts” Jisoo said. “Can I borrow your toothbrush..”? Jisoo asked me. “You're really annoying how can we share the same toothbrush..”? I said to Jisoo “All right I will just use your mum's toothbrush” Jisoo said. “Make sure you dispose it after using it” I said to Jisoo. Within 30 minutes we were ready for school.
  • “Jennie where is Hans is he not joining us today..”? I asked Jennie. “He waited a little bit but as the class prefect he has many things to do so he left” Jennie replied. “Hey Susan” Ni-ki said to Me. “Hey you waited for me” I replied to Ni-ki. “why won't I wait for you.. aren't we best friends..”? Ni-ki said and we smiled together. “I wonder when you became this close” Jisoo said. “Hey... what are you wearing”? Ni-ki asked Jisoo. “Does'nt it look good on me”? Jisoo asked Ni-ki. “Of course it looks good on you”Jennie replied. Jisoo and Jennie gave each other a high five. Ni-ki and I nodded our head together disappointedly and left them to enter the Bus. The Bus almost left them but it later stopped for them to enter.
  • When we reached the school we knew we were already late. A tall Senior stopped us from going where they were flogging other students. We stood under the sun for almost ten minutes and our skin was almost getting red. “Senior why don't you just flog us let's go to our classes lessons has already started” Jisoo said. “Shut up..and what do you think you are wearing..”? Senior Jake asked Jisoo. “It's not like they are forbidden from wearing this type of skirt” Ni-ki replied to Senior Jake. “Hey and who the hell do you think you are because you attract all the girls attention in this school doesn't make you special” Senior Jake told Ni-ki. Ni-ki removed his EarPod from his bag and inserted it in his ear. This made senior Jake very angry. “What's that you are inserting in your ear that's not allowed in this school” Senior Jake shouted at Ni-ki. “Senior please we are sorry can you just flog us let's go to our classes please” I begged on behalf of Jisoo and Ni-ki. “..And who are you? oh! the so-called Look-alike of Lisa the one from the Celebrity Family” Senior Jake said to me. “senior please reduce you voice..”Jennie said to Senior Jake I'm a low tune. “Why will I..” Senior Jake replied to Jennie. “Yoy must be thinking that you are a celebrity by ignoring people just to seek for their attention” Senior Jake said to Me to make me angry. “So what if I am Lisa's sister ? does it have anything to do with you why don't you just behave yourself and do what you're supposed to do and stop interfering in other people's personal life” I said to Senior Jake. “Me... interfering”? Senior Jake asked me. “yes” I replied and he pushed me on the floor. “Ahh..” I shouted in pain as immediately I fell down. Ni-ki, Jennie and Jisoo rushed to help me stand up. “Are you okay”? Jennie asked me. “No am not” I replied. Ni-ki was very angry that he slapped Senior Jake out of anger and both of them started fighting. Many of the students were looking at us from their class rooms while some who were working gathered to watch what was happening.
  • Mr.Kim our Physical and health education teacher came down from his office to see what was happening. He stopped Ni-ki and Senior Jake from fighting. “Do you guys gain anything from fighting..”? our P.H.E teacher asked Ni-ki and Senior Jake. “Jennie and Jisoo take Susan to the clinic right now..” Mr.Kim instructed. “Now both of you knows what happens next to the principals office right now” said and Ni-ki and Senior Jake followed Him.
  • “What is going to happen to Ni-ki..”? I asked Jennie and Jisoo. “It depends on what the principal says..but in Ni-ki's state since he was the one to start the fight, I think he's going to go on a suspension or even worse get expelled” Jennie said.
  • “Expel...Ni-ki is going to be expelled”(●´⌓`●)
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