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Chapter 12 Chapter Twelve

  • I arrived at the bus stop very early. when I came out the time was 4:00 pm while the concert will be starting around 6:00 pm. The first bus passed but Hans has not yet come. My battery was also getting down 2%. A girl with BTS lightsticks passed me but she came back. “Can I take a picture of you”? The girl asked me. “Why..”? I asked her. “Actually, you look like my Idol Lisa but am not sure she has a sister once I post this picture online you'll become very popular..” The girl said. “Thanks you caring but I've received a lot of that today but am not interested in becoming popular” I said to the girl. “Many people are looking for this opportunity but you have one you better use it when you can” The Girl said. “What's your name...”? the Girl asked me. “why do you care..”? I replied “you're so just trying to be friendly with you but it looks like you are anti-social” The girl said. I pretended not be hearing what she was saying.
  • Another girl came to me “My name is Annie...nice to meet you” the Girl said. “hi Annie” I replied. “Looks like we attend the same school” Annie said. “You are Susan right..? Annie asked me. “yes” I replied. “This girl who is getting everyone's attention for looking like Lisa..and the crush of every girl in school is her friend” Annie said. “Who are you waiting for..”? she asked me. “Am waiting for someone” I replied. “I guess it's Hans..well my bus is here so I'll get going..bye” she said and entered the bus.
  • I tried to call Hans but he wasn't answering my calls. I waited a little bit and tried his number again but his phone was switched off. I looked at the sky the weather was changing it's like it's going to rain but I didn't come out with an umbrella “what am I going to do..”? I asked myself. I tried to call Jennie to bring out my umbrella but my phone switched off. “Oh my God what am I going to do now..?” I asked myself. I went down the street to check if I can find a shop where umbrella is sold or where I can charge my phone.
  • I walked down the streets but I didn't see any convenience store where I could buy an umbrella. As I removed my phone from my bag it mistakenly fell off my hand and fell on the floor. I picked it up but the screen now has a crack. soon the rain started falling. there was no where I could seat down and wait for the rain to finish falling because I've walked out of the bus station. I cried under the rain because I couldn't see anyone who can help me out. I saw a lady passing my I asked her if she could give me her phone let me call someone but she said she doesn't give strangers her phone to use no matter the situation that person is in.
  • I felt very sad and lonely I started thinking about what Jennie said “He has promised me that more than a thousand times” “Is Hans really like that? Is he someone who doesn't fulfill his promise?” I asked myself. I saw someone from far holding an umbrella running to where I was, but I couldn't recognize the person's face it looked like Hans or is that Ni-ki? I asked myself.
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