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Chapter 10 Chapter Ten

  • It was weekend happy because the next day which is Sunday I'll be going to the BTS concert with Hans.
  • I had nothing doing that Saturday so I went to Jennie's apartment. knock! knock! “Anyone in there”? I asked. No one replied it's seems like they are not around but I kept knocking.
  • Finally, someone opened the door “Can't you wait after knocking for a while”? Ni-ki said as he opened the door.
  • “...Like I care” I said and entered the house. Immediately I entered Ni-ki was about to leave. “Where are you going to”? I asked Him. “Friend I have to attend my dance practice now” Ni-ki said and went out immediately. “Friend”? I heaved a sigh. I went to Jennie's room to check if she was around but she wasn't at home. “Where could she be"? I wondered.
  • I called Ni-ki on the phone to ask him if he has seen Jennie or Hans. “Jennie? she went to the supermarket with Hans they'll be back very soon” Ni-ki said. “Okay” I replied. “ding dong” I heard the doorbell ring. I checked who it was. it's Jennie and Hans.
  • “ aww so sorry.. What are you doing in our apartment I wasn't around didn't Ni-ki tell you that and are you the only one in the house.where's Ni-ki "? Jennie asked. “He went for his practice” I replied. “Hi Hans” I waved at him. “hi Susan how are you doing”? Hans replied. “Am fine and you” I replied. “Why are you guys talking to each other formally? like you don't know each other” Jennie said dropping the groceries she bought from the supermarket on the table.
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