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Chapter 14

  • Dazed as she walks home. Her thoughts still scattered with all the revelations that's been made today at their warehouse.
  • Reaching the front door of their house, she heard laughing conversations inside. Figuring her crew arrived when she's out. She enters the front door with a rather down facial expression.
  • "HEY!" Her crew greets once they saw her enter the front door.
  • "Hey, everyone" Vaughn managed to pull through smile. "Took you guys long enough to pay me a visit?"
  • "All of our schedules don't match like all the time," Mico approaches her to give her a welcoming hug, which clearly Vaughn needs as of the moment.
  • "This little shit right here had to take remedial classes for her college courses," Sage ruffles his twin sister's hair.
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