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Chapter 17 Monster on a Platter

  • Marcus Petromax lounged on the king’s bed with the lady princep curled up against him. Lia felt spent and kindled at the same time. It was early morning, past sunrise, but the skies looked deceptive. She tried to recover memories of the night, but her mind was foggy, and her body urged her to rest. 
  • Lia knew that the God-King had slept with her, but the particulars and events escaped her. She remembered floating in the air, feeling boundless pleasure and euphoria. Somehow, the goddess had found a salubrious source of joy. But will she be given another chance in the future? Her thoughts returned to the present.
  • “How far have people gone over the ocean, Your Providence?” she purred innocently.
  • Marcus chuckled. The young goddess had not yet thoroughly embraced immortality. Such questions were remnants of her mortal life.
  • “There is no ‘far’ in the ocean, my dear. It is just there, all around us. But they say the Apostolis has gone the farthest into the ocean. Yet, titans before us have ventured yonder but felt no need to share their exploits with their progeny. Our late comrade titan, Amadeus Morpheus, loved to sail, and we would go on long voyages together. We conquered Krakens, Sea dragons, and Leviathans. We met Mermaids, Sirens, and Capricorns. Our ship, the Theostolis, which we sailed with during our expeditions, lies somewhere at the bottom of the ocean.”
  • “The Theostolis? It was gone before I was born. How did it sink?”
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