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  • ***Four years later*** 
  • [This won’t include the last chapter, Akash’s POV]
  • Third person’s POV
  • “Oh honey, I will come home soon, baby. I miss you already. *mwah mwah*” 
  • Janu mimicked Akash’s voice while he playfully glared at her but soon a smile crept on his face with a distanced look. He was so smitten by his wife. But Janu was so happy for her friend. Akash got married to Priya two years back. And she was his breath. The best part is their cute little bundle, Krish. Like his name, he will steal anyone’s heart in a matter of seconds.
  • “Hey, don’t tease me, Jaans. You were also like ‘Oh mama, when will you come back? Your pumpkin and munchkins are waiting for you. Come home soon, darling... blah-blah-blah...’ so quit teasing me and ask Zee whether he had spoken with Ganesh groups of companies. Getting their audit would be a turning point for our firm. And I have ordered asked the office boy to get some tender coconut juice for you. It was good for the baby as the climate was a little hot. Now get yourself out.”
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