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Chapter 29

  • The cab took a halt back on the hospital road as I pulled some bills out from my purse and handed it to the driver and I got out to take in a deep breath. My purse jingling with the keys he gave me and it annoyed me further. I tried to hand it over to the security guard but he refused, blabbering how he got a call from Keith who told him not to take it. The other choice I had left was to throw the keys away, but I couldn’t.
  • I walked back inside the hospital premises and as I did, my eyes fell on someone sitting far away on a bench. I recognized the person immediately. It was the same guy who attacked me this morning claiming I sent my boyfriend to beat him. I had a mental conversation at that very moment as I thought about whether to go and talk to him.
  • I wanted to know what happened.
  • So, slowly I made my way to him and immediately his eyes fell on me as he watched me come to him and I gave him a small awkward smile.
  • “Hey, how are you doing,” I said as I stood right before him and he scoffed at me putting his crutches to the side as he turned the other way avoiding me.
  • “As you can say, not very well. Thanks to someone,” he huffed at me and before I could respond he looked back at me with his fury filled eyes as he got hold of his crutches and tried to stand up wanting to leave.
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