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Chapter 26

  • The cab came to a halt and as I paid the driver, I noticed the way he looked at Patricia. His eyes dark and filled with lust. I looked back at Patricia to find her staring down at her phone while men looked at her the same way the driver looked at her. I waved the note before the driver's eyes and that made him snap out of it as he took the money and giving one last glance towards Patricia, drove away.
  • "What are you doing?" I asked as I found her looking into her phone.
  • "He has still not texted me even if he knew I was going to a club. He is simply not interested. Ugh! He loved his work more than me," she heaved out a sigh while I just smiled awkwardly and then we went inside the club. Our feet vibrating for the base of music playing inside the club. The smell of alcohol and sweat hit my nostrils and I put my hand on my nose while I followed Patricia while she guide me into the dark alley into the club.
  • As soon as we passed through the bouncers, the music got even higher and I held my ear getting used to the loud noise. Patricia seemed to be excited as she jumped excitedly and looked back at me smiling like a goof. She pulled me to the bar and she took a seat as a bartender attended us showing his perfectly whitened teeth.
  • "What can I get for you two lovely ladies?" he asked and I looked behind him towards the display board.
  • "Get me a bourbon," I told him and he nodded as he asked Patricia and she asked for a Bloody Mary. He passed us our drinks and we clinked our glass as we gulped it down in a go and I was already feeling amazing jamming with the music as all of a sudden she pulled my hand to the dance floor and I laughed walking after her swaying to the song.
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