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Chapter 25

  • Finally the weekend and some time off from the hospital and work. To say I was already exhausted and tired would be an understatement. Even if it was the weekend, here I was sitting on my sofa only in my undergarments working.
  • I heard my phone ringing and I looked around finally getting a glimpse of it on the kitchen counter. Sighing, I put my laptop aside and made my way to the kitchen getting the phone and finding the name as Patricia.
  • “Hi, what’s up?” I heard her already excited voice from the other end.
  • “Working,” I sighed and heard her huffing. “This internship is one heck of a burden, right? I can feel you. I have a headache just every day,” she said and I did was hum in response.
  • “Finally its the weekend and I know you are in the town. I live only fifteen minutes away from you with my fiancé. So, as it is the weekend, I thought why not refresh our mind. He is really busy and said clearly that he can’t help me with my boredom. Mind if we go to the club today?” she asked and I thought about it when my eyes fell back on the pile of paper on my sofa.
  • “I really want to. That’s a nice idea but I can’t. I have loads of work to do,” I told her and heard her sigh.
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