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Chapter 17

  • “My fiancé? What are you talking about?” I asked as I put on my clothes. Patricia, my friend who lived next to my room, in the hostel had barged in when I was out of the bathroom wearing my clothes. And she panted hard as I struggled putting my jeans on and I watched her huffing and panting before she finally caught her breath to tell me that there was a fight outside and at first, I was not really that interested but then when she uttered the fiancé, I stood there shocked as I took in what happened.
  • “Yes, your fiancé. He is fighting with the guards,” she told me and it was enough for me to put my tank top and throw a cardigan on as I forgot about my wet, shampooed hair and practically ran out holding my phone. What the hell is going on? What is Keith doing here? And why in the world is he fighting?
  • I knew Patricia was following me and we both sprinted off towards the main entrance only to find a chaos situation, with the crowd gathering and I pushed past people, I saw two figure fighting and certainly, all my doubts flew out when I saw it was indeed Keith throwing punches at the poor guard who was in the ground asking for mercy.
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