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Chapter 16

  • There is an uncanny similarity between the guy I have always dreamt of since I was a kid and Keith. I would only see a vision in my dream where I seemed to be running after a guy while he seemed to be totally unfazed by my cry of begging him to stop. The more I begged him to stop, the more he ran away and I had no idea why in the first place, I was even following him like a maniac. But the only thing I remember was the pain I felt every time I ran after the man into darkness losing him out of sight.
  • Keith seemed to be similar, as my voice never seems to reach his ear. It’s been so many days but yet Keith and I are to be friends. He hardly talks or even shows up before me. It’s like everything has changed between us since the day I came to know about his sister Leila Devlin’s contract marriage. Either he is just too disturbed to talk about it or he simply doesn’t care about what I think.
  • I concentrated more on my internship and I worked hard on cases rather than thinking about him, his sister or the kiss.
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