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Chapter 13

  • A majestic grandeur palace like architecture was right before my eyes and I gawked looking at the architecture s I had never seen anything like that beforehand. Heck, I had no idea that a place like this even existed. Keith drove us three hours non stop and out of the city and finally when we reached the suburb area, the first thing that came into my view was the palace and bunch of press reporters. Keith parked the car right before the entrance and the valet took the car keys and went away to park the car, somewhere. Meanwhile, Keith assisted me and held my hands as we posed before the paparazzi and walked in towards the entrance of the palace. The paparazzi were restrained from coming in, as it was a personal affair. Leila Devlin and her fiancé Mr. James Kelly had strictly wished the occasion to be a private one with only close friends and family.
  • The whole way towards the banquet hall, I gawked at the interior of the palace. It was marvelous and so aristocratic. The architecture was vintage and with minute detailing designs in every sculpture inside the palace. Just an engagement ceremony and they are already celebrating it ina palace. I wonder what they have planned for their wedding.
  • Leila Devlin was the most successful entrepreneur after her father, who run her father’s business for ten years until Keith who was eleven years younger than her came to the right age and she met her other half, she thought of handing over the company to Keith ad marrying off Mr. James Kelly who was also one of those ten successful and powerful businessmen around. They said they used to be rivals but then soon fell in love after they signed some projects together and came closer as time went by.
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