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Chapter 12

  • Some things in this world are really unexplainable. Even you try your level best, you just can’t get an answer to every single questions that you have. Sometimes, finding the answer becomes too risky, resulting in people pointing their fingers at you but sometimes when you get the answer, you find yourself in a shock state, unable to process what’s going on and it is how you end up losing your sanity and questioning your own existence.
  • I used to laugh at super hero movies, finding it really funny that a human could think of such supernatural, impossible powers but had I known that I would be witnessing it right before my eyes one day then I would’ve never ever laughed at it. Keith had powers. Mysterious and unexplainable powers that no other human being had. Actually, it was impossible for a human being to possess such powers or he would not be regarded as human. The question is, what exactly is Keith? Is he really a human or not?
  • I rubbed my forehead as I could feel a throbbing pain because, I have been thinking a lot from these past two weeks. It’s been two weeks since the engagement and Keith’s reality coming before me. And since two weeks we are forced to attend every press conference, reality programs and his office party to announce our fake love, wedding. Since two weeks, we have been acting as if we were lovers and happy to get married two each other when in reality we used to part ways as soon as we were out of public sight.
  • We didn’t talk, we didn’t even look at each other. Probably, because we were nothing but were forced to be each other and to top of that I wanted to talk more about his powers but the fact that two weeks ago I made a stupid decision of ending my life and him saving me in the last moment had me feeling little embarrassed and I didn’t really wanted to discuss about it. So, it was why I ignored him and I knew he was ignoring me because I knew about his powers. I am sure he had never wished anyone to find about it but as I had already seen it, it was also very much strange to him that someone actually knew about it.
  • I looked at the book that was right before me but nothing really made sense as my mind kept on drifting off towards Keith. We were again going out today for Ms. Leila’s engagement party. Turned out, his sister is going to be married soon and before she gets married off she had planned to handover everything to Keith before shifting off to Australia with her husband. Today was her engagement and as I’m engaged to Keith I was supposed to be in the party too.
  • I have already done the shopping part and brought a dress from the mall that was in sale. Because, I have already bought eight to ten dresses from these past days as I had to attend so many events with Keith. Thankfully, I bought all the dresses in sale in order to save money and nobody seemed to notice the quality of the dresses that I wore, much to relief and moreover, I didn’t really care how I looked.
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