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Faded Desires (The Dumped Wife Series 2)

Faded Desires (The Dumped Wife Series 2)

Tessy Chris

Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Leah, Why?

  • Hello guys!!!!
  • I'm your friend Tessy Chris and I am back with the series two of the book MR BILLIONAIRE YOUR DUMPED WIFE RETURNED WITH QUADRUPLETS.
  • I appreciate your comments and request for this second series. It makes my belly sweet when I know that you (I mean you, reading this write up) are ready and waiting for this series.
  • And to my new friends just stumbling on this second series, I appreciate you for picking this book and I'm blowing kisses to you at this moment.
  • But believe me, a lot of drama is in the first series. You won't understand some scenarios except you have journeyed with me on the first series.
  • This series will be hot, I will add a few more mature content than the first series. I hope you don't mind, my love?
  • Can we begin now!
  • Fuck!! You would like it.
  • Let's go sweethearts!!!!!
  • ***
  • Ellis was furious. His eyes were reddened as he glared at his wife. How can Leah make such utterances? How can she have so much hatred and dislike for Pamela?
  • Choosing death rather than see Louis and Pamela happy together? That's too outrageous. This is unthinkable and how can he still believe that she's the woman that he has loved for over twenty nine years?
  • "Mom!"
  • This was all Louis Hayden could utter. His mother said such words because he insisted on being married to Pamela? He was trying hard to hold back the words surging from his heart to his lips.
  • If he should let those words out, his mom would never forgive him. He feels like telling her to go ahead and die. If her death means being happy with Pamela depends on it.
  • But will she ever be able to forgive him? Wouldn't she accuse him of seeking her death because of another woman? He would try to hold back and not say anything.
  • "Mom what, huh Louis? You can't marry Pamela Grayson and that is my final verdict" Leah concluded, completely ignoring the stare from her husband and son.
  • Pamela's face had turned ashen. He took a few steps backwards. This woman hates her to the ends of the earth. The decision she's taken only means that there is no future for her by Louis' side.
  • She couldn't hold back and she bursted into a loud sob. She turned around and started running. She saw the giant gate ahead and guessed she wouldn't be allowed to pass through.
  • She turned and ran into the garden. Louis saw Pamela ran out in tears and shook his head. He glared at his mother and asked "Are you really my mother?"
  • He didn't wait but ran out after Pamela. "Pamela! Pamela!" He called. He didn't know the direction she took. He looked around and didn't see her.
  • His security guards pointed towards the garden and he understood. He ran towards the garden, calling her name but he couldn't find her.
  • Suddenly he heard a "thud" sound coming from the pool and Louis exclaimed "Pamela Grayson!" and ran towards the pool.
  • "What has become of you,Leah? How can you detest this girl like this? Didn't you love her so much in the past, and almost went into depression when she went missing?
  • What has happened,Leah? You can't possibly have detested a girl conceived and birthed by your bestie? Have you forgotten that Pamela's Mom was the chief bridesmaid during our wedding?
  • Do you forget favours and friendship so soon? You can't be doing this to ruin our son's happiness. This is really the first time Louis falls in love with a woman. Won't you allow him to be happy?" Ellis cautioned.
  • "Even if Louis is going to regret his actions later? You know the toxicity of Pamela's nature. She's nothing like Alice. Don't compare the both of them, Ellis.
  • Whatever I am doing, I am doing for Louis' sake. He is my son and I practically want to live the rest of my life tattering him on the right path" Leah gave an excuse.
  • "Is Louis a baby? Can't he make his decision and be with the person he loves? This is Louis' life, not ours or anyone else's" Ellis reprimanded.
  • "No matter how old Louis is, he will forever remain my son. Is that alright, Ellis?" Leah snapped at her husband.
  • "You are so impossible" Ellis stuttered and walked out on her.
  • Louis held Pamela, both of them inside the pool, their clothes were drenched and their hair was soaked with water.
  • "What do you think you are doing?" Louis thundered, holding Pamela's waist close to his body with a hand and using the second hand to wipe water off her face.
  • He glared at her, a feeling of fury and excitement. They stared at each other with drops of water cascading down their faces.
  • Louis pulled her face closer and crashed his lips on hers.