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Chapter XV

  • James and Embry
  • "Well?" Julie demanded and crossed her arms at the mysterious hooded man. She didn't know him, but he did save all of them by locking the hunter in the cage that was built for vampires. She almost smiled at the irony. It did prove that he was on their side.
  • The man turned around, his hood falling down a bit to reveal his raven black hair. "Avellana's a strong fighter, she'll wake up soon," she could see him smirking at those words. How did he know her? She twirled a piece of her hair, giving Blake a glance. He was too busy staring at the man to care.
  • "How do you know her?" Blake copied her actions and glared at him. The man didn't look at all fazed by his reaction.
  • "She'll tell you," he hesitated. "The sun almost destroyed her. I gave her all the blood that I have kept with me, but blood bags aren't enough for her. If she wakes up, she will need something more."
  • "And Avellana also doesn't like if you talk about her," Avellana snapped at of conscious and surveyed the people surrounding her. She was still on the floor lying down, but right now, it was the most comfortable position in the world for her. She sat up, wincing from her aching body then her gaze stayed at the hooded man before her.
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