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Chapter XIX

  • A Dark Decision
  • All eyes were on Avellana as she struggled to contemplate on what had happened. First off, the girl pretty much thought that she was part of some weird ass scheme. Secondly, she found an arrow shot on the girl's back, same arrows from the ones he used in the training area. Thirdly, she had a feeling her companions were starting to doubt her.
  • She tried not to avoid their stares, but it was hard not to. There she was, being accused of a scheme she didn't know of, but they didn't know about that.
  • "I didn't do it," were the first words that came out from her mouth once she looked straight at their suspicious gazes. "If I was the one who did it, I wouldn't have risked my life just to find a stone to cure what you think of as 'my doing'."
  • They didn't say anything, earning an irritated glance from Avellana. She hated it when she was being doubt, especially at a cause of something very important. She sighed, clenching her fist, trying to stay as calm as possible.
  • She was freaking out. They didn't trust her. They didn't-
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