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Chapter XII

  • A Talk And Werewolves
  • Avellana observed her palms. Only an hour more and they'd be free out of his crappy place. She was already feeling claustrophobic, being locked up and having nowhere else to go. She looked up to find Julie already chatting up with Blake already, playing a silly game of twenty questions.
  • And from what she'd been hearing from them for the next thirty minutes, the information that they were given was not essential. Their favorite color, animals, flowers, or whatever even floated their boat. She had already shut her ears out, her thoughts wandering somewhere else every now and then... this time, nobody bothered to interrupt her.
  • That was why she found it all too ridiculous when she perked up at the question Julie had given him. "Do you have a girlfriend back... well, home?"
  • "Yeah-a fiancé, actually."
  • Now, that was why. That was what had been blocking him all this time-that blocked the mark from growing. He was still engrossed with his relationship with whoever the girl was. She sighed.
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