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Chapter X

  • Curiosity is a Necessity
  • "Wait for it," Avellana commanded, eyeing the village closely before her gaze transferred at the ten mortals who were closing in towards them. They were laughing, pushing one another. There wasn't a single drop of mist to cover their sight, so it was easier to look at them from afar.
  • Julie gasped when she saw one of the people-a woman grinning when she held a bloody and amused dog by its foot. She swayed it from left to right, and her friends joined in for another round of laughter. She, then, shoved it back into her bag. "You're going to let us feed on animal abusers?"
  • "You're in luck that they were here."
  • Her fingers trailed down the stems that were in front of her, and she watched them rustle. She lowered her head when the looked at their direction and a few whispers were exchanged between them. From the way their hearts were hammering, she knew it was time to feed before they could run off. She mouthed a 'go' to the two's direction and jumped from her hiding spot.
  • The group of ten stopped to look at her, and Avellana's irises and pupils turned pure black when she looked at them all. "Don't move." And they didn't. They stood there, as still as ever. She didn't need to give her companions a signal before they started to rush in, already grabbing a human of their own and sucking the life out of them.
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