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Chapter 7 My personal secretary(1)

  • I used to work hard when I was younger. Now I am in my late 40s, a bit mature but still, a cool, rich, handsome man as the ladies say. Nowadays I work in the UK, as an Acquisition Manager, but I had to do a quite hard career in the past. I started accounting in the Netherlands and I came here, travelling from Dubai, to Singapore, to Chicago, too, and so on. 
  • My lovely wife has spent our married life the easy way, choosing to be a homemaker, here in the UK. She is still beautiful, always well-dressed, always perfect. I call her my blonde, blue-eyed Barbie. Thanks to my money, she buys herself all the jewels, bags, dresses, shoes, she wants. While I am away, she might have had her share of affairs as well because her phone is constantly ringing. I once accidentally found her sexting not one but three men through Tinder!! Wives…After a point of time, they all are like that. Though, I still like her. I love our married life. I can swear that... I mean… we have a great marriage, and she is cool, super cool. It's just that things change with time, within the husband-and-wife-lifestyle, you start believing you need something more adventurous. Something dangerous..harbour some naughty secrets.
  • My wife, with her obsession for perfection, for a perfect house, a perfect outfit, a perfect family, etc., etc., sometimes stresses me out more than my job. Fortunately, there are business trips, so I have time to take a break. Visit a few countries and experience their culture. Eat different foods, meet new people. You know, work on me Tomorrow we have to leave for Chicago with my staff and I'm looking forward to this trip.
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