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Chapter 6 My best friend’s ex(6)

  • My moans grow louder, exploding into a scream of pure contentment, satisfaction, endless enjoyment as I had never experienced before. What a fuck, what a fuck yessss!!
  • He holds me close as I cum, embracing me. Nobody had ever looked at me before the way he did now, as though he really wanted me to be with him. His arms felt safe, like home. It's like that feeling of being really wanted and loved for the very first time. He holds me close and kisses me, but I don't give him a second.
  • Winking at him I snicker, “Guess what, it's payback time!” I turn around and bend over kissing his thighs, grazing the inner area. “Ohh baby” he moans, holding me by the head. I moisten him well, licking his balls, the tip of his penis, suckling, bathing him in saliva as he lies down on the couch. I take my black heels and place them in his hands. He looks at them, touching the soft vegan leather, the high pointy heels. I could see that it excited him. I showed my feet to him gesturing I wanted him to help me wear them. He bends down guiding me to get into each stiletto and we're back caressing each other slowly.
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