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Chapter 5 My best friend’s ex(5)

  • "Because I have always been fond of you for a very very long time!" He says, slamming his hands on the kitchen table with a virile, shocking force. Surprisingly that noise along with his confession gets me all wet. I feel like I want to be spanked, by those large hands.
  • Provoked Zac looks at me, confronting, “We didn't talk about that night...” 
  • My nerves tingle at the thought of that sultry night. Bunching my eyebrows I probe, “About which night?” What is there to talk about?”
  • Irate and impatient, he exclaims, “What we did Haley…”
  • I was not sure I wanted to be vulnerable in front of him so I counter questioned him asking,"What did we do?"
  • Sighing, he unbuttons his shirt one by one and takes it right off to reveal those perfect washboard abs. He opens the fridge, pulls out a beer, uncorking it, not taking his eyes off me for one second.
  • Shifting my weight I babble, “Come on, Zac, stop it! You just saved me! I can tell you're a good person! But I am not…” I stop talking midway nervously as he walks up to me bare-chested with that sly look on his face drawling, “Well, I liked what happened the other night, didn't you?”
  • I remain silent. He sucks on the beer can. I see his red lips moisten, my core dripping wet with desire, wanting to go back into his arms.
  • "And I bet you wanted more too ... But in your usual cold bitchy way, you left me there all alone in the morning."
  • "But..." I protest, my eyes widening at his sheer confidence.
  • "Let it go" I finally manage to get the words out. I did not want to start something again that I couldn't finish.
  • He looks at me without batting an eye-lid demanding, “No, I don't want to leave it. I want to talk about it. I really can't pretend like nothing ever happened. Did you like what we did?”
  • His thumb tilts my chin, noticing my cheeks turning red, “Did you?” He chuckles, coming even closer, leaning lightly on me. I could feel his giant cock swell against my hips.
  • "You know... I want you, Haley." He says as he inhales my hair, breathing against my ears before sucking gently on the ear lobe. I feel an incredible urge to taste him again. This time not drunk. But wide awake, in lust, taken by him. Before I know it, big, gnarled hands gently cup my face as he comes even closer, licking the corner of my lower lip, outlining my mouth before delving in for a deep, sensual kiss. I collapse into his arms surrendering myself completely to him, my inhibitions melting away. I kick off my shoes and he promptly lifts me in his arms, carrying me onto the living room table. He strips me of my flimsy cropped t-shirt in a second. He admires my delicate lace bra before unclasping it. 
  • I feel shy and hug him. Kissing my forehead he whispers words of encouragement, how beautiful I looked. Then he starts unbuckling my jeans. He pulls them off, slowly leans over me as he winks, “This guy is heading down under”
  • I gulp and watch him dive his face into my wet pussy, ready to suck it passionately. The moment his tongue touches the delicate folds I gasp and scream wanting more... I never expected to be so intimate with Zac. He licks like a naughty cat, tickling my clit furiously while sucking all the juices. I yield in completely, trembling as I experience a strong orgasm.. He stops allowing me to catch my breath, while he undresses. Tossing his underwear aside, he massages his thick dick dripping with precum and gently slips his huge cock in, with all his weight on me. I let out a cry. He covers my mouth with his, kissing me, and starts moving slowly as he settles in.
  • "Hmmm, you're so soft...welcoming me with all your warmth..." he groans, admiring my lithe naked body rhythmically moving along with his muscled physique.
  • "Ahhh ahhhh and I love your cock Zac...ahhh God, it's so huge..." I moan, panting on the brink of ecstasy.
  • He kneads and kisses my breast, sucking on each nipple generously as he penetrates me even deeper. I tilt my head back as I breathe more and more heavily. I couldn't help but admire his sheer strength as he pushed deeper and deeper into my core trying to make me come. Our breaths were coordinated and the rhythm was beyond perfect. 
  • "Ohhhhh don't stop, Zac! Keep going!" I encourage him, making purring sexy sounds.
  • "Ah, I'm not stopping anytime soon...Haley...My dick will ride you all night...Man, I like you talking dirty!!!" he chuckles, thrusting even harder.
  • "Ah, ah, ah...Yes yes, fuck me, Zac, fuck me, baby!!"
  • I could feel his hands all over my body. I got wetter and wetter imagining how I'm going to make him come with my feet watching him shoot all his cum all over me...delicious!!
  • He grips firmly against the table as he pushes against me again and again and again. I take his hand and start licking his fingers slowly, one by one, he lets out a groan. I thrust his middle finger up and down in my mouth, just as he entered me again. Suddenly he pulls out..I groan ready to complain..BUT..He grabs and lifts me as though I was as light as a feather, makes me lean against the couch at ninety degrees.
  • I did not expect his sudden move to change our position and get all excited. I move my butt sensuously to titillate him, he kneads my ass cheeks, parting them firmly before he shoves his tool into me. 
  • "Ahhhh, Zaccc!!" I scream out loud as he fills himself completely inside me.
  • "I love riding you like this, my priced pony!" he chuckles slapping me on my butt
  • I laugh squealing, "Stop talking and ride me harder..hmmm..."
  • He hugs me from behind and starts slamming hard onto me, simultaneously stimulating my clit. He leans against my back with his shoulders wrapped like a warm blanket around me.
  • Pleasure fills my core as his big cock grazes the wall of my wet cunt, penetrating it slowly tickling the tip. It felt as though he was trying to understand my body more. I could feel his breathing getting all the more laboured. I sure was making him work all night. 
  • Sighing deeply, he moans, "I like you like this baby"
  • Stretching my neck like a cat I meow, "Ahhh! Like this, how?"
  • He lets out a throaty laugh teasing, “Hmmm you naughty girl, you know how, you're beautiful while you're enjoying it!”
  • He moistens his fingers and starts to stimulate me more and then some more. My mind drowns with ripples of pleasure losing all sense of rationale, giving in to my carnal instincts. One hand was inside my cunt, the other on my breasts, and the man I least thought I would like is now there inside me. Ready to give me what I want, when I want. He was watching me enjoy myself, wanting to see me. To top it all, he called me beautiful!!
  • I feel my pores open to his breath as he slowly places a hand on my ass. He starts touching it gently as I was slowly knowing him to be. I feel tingles on my skin as he slams into me, his hand holding my ass steady. He wants me. I could feel it. I'm bent over doggy-style for him gasping for air screaming, his name, feeling his breath, his lips, his body, all in one image. Suddenly I feel that warmth rising, that satisfaction that has already made me sweat. Yes. I know that's it.
  • He continues to stimulate me as he holds me by the hair and says, “That's my girl, hmmm beautiful, yes, yes... I have always wanted you... You're much more than what I had dreamt of”