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Chapter 51 Leaked sex tape war

  • Chapter 51 Leaked sex tape war
  • Kate panted at once, scratching the back of Tony with her fingers and feeling his vibrating body for a few seconds before he paused, clenched onto her shoulders, pulled out his wet penis from her pink vagina and ejaculated on her thighs. He stroked his penis until the very last drop of semen poured on her thighs, and he fell by her side, rolling his eyes and breathing hard; they breathed hard randomly, staring at each other as hush silence hung over them. Tony pecked her on the brow and they stared into the ceiling, catching up with their breath.
  • “You are always suckling, a true blessing to my dick,” Tony mumbled and sat up, reached to a cigar on the table and lit.
  • Kate’s jaw dropped in amazement as she cupped her breasts with her hands and stared at Tony’s penis dangling as he paced up and down the room, looking out through the window and smoking. Memory of the written note she saw the other day struck in her head and she snorted at the thought of discussing it with him. She had kept the written note in her jean pocket, waiting for the time she would question Tony about it.
  • “I want to discuss something with you,” she said with a fallen countenance.
  • Tony threw his stare at her, blew a cloud of smoke and drew from his cigar before asking, “What could that be?”
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