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Chapter 45 Thank you, Ken

  • Chapter 45 Thank you, Ken
  • Ken was very much busy fixing some hot doughnut and cake in the kitchen. He had been wary all day, yet to forgive himself for falling out of grace and short of the schemes of the State’s attorney for his client, Mr. Fanny. Although he blamed Mr. Fanny for keeping his history of drugs peddling from him and expecting him to perform magic, he felt he didn’t do much for the Fanny’s. And now he wondered how Mrs. Fanny would feel, about his legal prowess and experience. After the hearing Mrs. Fanny had avoided him like leprosy and wouldn’t pick his phone calls. He had enough to explain to her; especially about her husband’s decision to go to jail. In fact Mr. Fanny saw it coming and he prepared for it; he had briefed ken that all his days in New York he had not trampled on anyone and had kept a clean slate, and never burnt bridges- offended anyone. So he saw no reason his foes would trace him down to California and plant drugs in his room.
  • There was a ding dong at the door. “I am coming,” ken shouted from the kitchen after the bell persisted. He turned off his oven, wiped his hands and went for the door.
  • Mrs. Fanny’s gorgeous, smiling face came through the moment he opened the door. “Heh, Ken.”
  • “Wow, good to see you,” Ken smiled hugely, hugged her and ushered her in.
  • She glared around the house, “Nice facility you got here.”
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