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Chapter 37 Kate and jail

  • Chapter37 Kate and jail
  • The court hearing was between Kate and the State’s attorney. Kate’s lawyer being ken was very much on time to meet with Kate at the police station to brief her about what to answer at the court.
  • “You haven’t lied to me about the whole thing. You told me you shot the police, and that is the truth, you did. But I don’t want you to tell the court you did without reasons. The court will want to play on your gullibility, they would want to see you disgrace and expose yourself by yourself but you are going to play by my rules and not theirs. If you play by my rules, I assure you, you are going to walk through the door of freedom but if you don’t, you will have to secure a permanent corner in jail. But I don’t want that to be your fate,” ken had said to Kate
  • “So what is the rule?” Kate had asked, looking puzzled and anxious like a dog after its bones.
  • “You will plead not guilty. Use the term not guilty. Read my lips. You will tell them you are not guilty because the complainant abused you verbally and you have history of verbal madness.”
  • “What is verbal madness?” Kate had asked, looking into his face and expecting answers.
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