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Chapter 31 End Of Show~

  • Chapter 31 End Of Show~
  • Brian's news of pulling a gun at an FBI was making the round. Somewhat it had filtered to the ears of journalists and finally made it to the days' newspapers with the caption:   'Boy pulls gun at FBI against granny's arrest.' Upon reading the news Mr. and Mrs. Coleman phoned grandma only to confirm it was a reality.
  • Brian was detained behind bars while grandma faced a group of four agents in an interrogation session in the IR room. The accusation leveled against was that the name of her farm empire Clean and Green was used to transact an ICT business which got a certain millionaire defrauded of a million dollars. The millionaire had reported to the FBI to summon the CEOs of Clean and Green to answer to the accusation.
  • Sitting across the table, grandma dragged a smile, “Ladies and gentle men this is twenty first century. I am not the only company that goes by the name Clean and Green. There is a mix up somewhere,” beamed grandma, throwing a hostile stare across the panel.
  • Not when there is a clause. The name says Clean and Green farm Miami,” said one of them, reading from a paper and looking up at grandma through his glasses that rested on his thick nose. “And by our record there is only one clean and green in Miami.
  • "Yes, only one and it is the one sitting before us," added another agent.
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