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Chapter 30 Yacht Love

  • Chapter 30 Yacht Love
  • Brian commanded Mr. Biscuit to quieten down while he confronted the band of FBI. Grandma was all smiles. All the laborers stood gaping and feeling worried to see grand ma being whisked away by FBI
  • “Heh, where are you taking my mama?” asked Brian, staring at all agents and looking out for answers, grandma walked to Brian, “I am being accused of money laundering,” she said, patting Brian on the shoulder , is ok I will be fine and back home. Take care of the empire and Mr. Biscuit.
  • Brian shook his head now going crimson as his eyes stopped blinking. His long face shot at all the agents as he perceived the thickest of all the agents, a stout man, in his forties, to be their ringleader. “I need answers ladies and gentle men. What did my momma do to deserve the embarrassment? I need answers else I will sue for infringement of human right.”
  • "Whipping boy!" you seem to know the law and couldn't advise your momma against money laundering," said the stout man walking to Brian, arms folded and his pistol in its holster, and grinning hugely as though he was going to hurt Brian if he ever said a word again. He breathed hard.” I am not answerable to you, namby-pamby. You just go in there, dust your ass and do as your damn momma said else the next word from you will cost you your breath," the stout man said, warned Brian with his flaming stare and threw same flaming stare at grandma.
  • At a flash Brian was pointing a pistol at the stout man – he had taken advantage of the man when he threw his stare at grandma, to disarm him of the gun in his holster. He pointed his finger at the rest of the agents and threatened , "Any funny move from any of you I will shoot him in the skull and go to jail and you all are going to watch me   shoot him in the neck if I don't get answers,"
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