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Chapter 4 Sleep together

  • Sunlight was coming through the window. Knowing Rose might wake up Ash pulled the curtain. He went to shower. After 30 minutes, he comes out. Rose was still sleeping peacefully. He unknowingly smiles. He goes to the gym.
  • And Rose woke up after some time. When she woke up, she found herself in an unfamiliar room. She suddenly became afraid and wanted to run from there. When she was about to run Ad came into the room. She saw Rose was trying to run so she went near her and asked, "what are you doing?”
  • But Rose didn't listen. She tried to remove herself from Ad. Ash came into the room from the listening commotion. As he came into the room, he asked, "What is this?" “I don't know what happened? Why is Rose trying to run?" Ad became afraid and started stuttering "sir... sir I don't know. As I came to the room I saw her this way?" Ash goes near rose and pulls her towards him.
  • “What happened rose?"Ash asked in a soft tone. Rose was crying. When she looked at him, she started to cry more. "No more crying. Stop crying." Ash took Rose in bridal style and put her to bed. “Now tell me why are you crying?”
  • Rose became silent. Ash took a deep breath and let her go. Suddenly the phone started to ring. Ash received the call and walked to the balcony.
  • Ad came close to Rose and said, "Do you need anything?" Rose shook her head. Ad left the room. After some time Ash came into the room and said, "Why are you not getting freshened up? ``Rose just stared at him. Ash came close to Rose, took her hand and went to the bathroom.
  • He took some paste and started brushing her teeth. Rose silently stared at him "what are you looking at? Am I handsome?"
  • She smiled at it and shook her head as yes. Ash became astonished and said "Ok I think you like Me." rose started brushing up "look at you blushing so hard" Ash teased.
  • Rose hid her head inside his chest. “Ok. Ok I won't tease you anymore but I have a condition." Rose looked at him. “Do you want to know?" Rose shook her head as yes. "Then you have to kiss me.”
  • Rose eyes got larger. "Why don't you want to? Then I will tease you more." Rose shook her head as no." then you have to kiss me." Rose became silent again. “Ok let's do it simply". Rose kept looking at him as if asking. 'What?' "How about I kiss you Rose?" Rose became dumbfounded. "Now it's very easy. Isn’t it?”
  • Ash came close to the rose. Rose has nowhere to go. Little by little, ash became more close to her to the point that she could feel his breaths on her. Rose could see the color of his eyes more clearly. If you look more closely, its dark ash but if ash desires her more the darker the color becomes and finally, he touches her lip.
  • Rose breathing came faster. Suddenly Ash bites her lip. She opens her mouth and he enters his tongue into her mouth. Their tongues tangle together. Rose held onto Ash's collar and deepened the kiss. Ash pull rose more closely. After a few minutes, they let go of each other. They kept taking deep breaths. Ash put his forehead on Rose's forehead and said “what is it you are doing to me? Why are you doing this? "
  • Rose became confused but she did not say anything.
  • After a few minutes of resting, they come out of the washroom and go into the dining table and Ad and mini greet both of them. Ash took Rose to the centre of the table and made her sit down. He also sat beside her and started to take food on a plate. Rose just sat there silently. She noticed that Ash started to serve food to Rose.
  • Rose does not know what to do. Ash commands “open your mouth “There was magic in his voice. Rose opened her mouth and started eating food from his hand. Ad and mini became astonished. Have they seen Ash care for someone so much? They have a question in mind. Does Ash know Rose from before? But they are too afraid to ask.
  • Just as breakfast was about to finish, the main door of the house burst open and a girl about 27 came into the room.
  • When she saw ash and rose she came and asked, "Who is she?” Ash and Rose do not answer anything.
  • The girl became more irritated and started shouting. Ash became angry and threw a knife towards the girl. The girl became very afraid and stopped shouting. He took Rose's hand and took her upstairs.
  • After they were gone from the dining room, the girl came to Ad and asked, “who the hell is that girl?" Ad said, "I don't know who she is but the master called her rose and she came yesterday." the girl muttered "rose…"
  • Suddenly mini added, “She slept in Master's bedroom "that girl became angry and shouted "what?” Ad gave an angry look toward Mini. Then Ad said, "Please don't shout. The master will get angrier." The girl stopped shouting as she remembered what just happened sometimes ago. However, inside she was boiling with anger.
  • As she knew, Ash never allowed anyone into his bedroom. Not only that he never let anyone into his bedroom and they just said she is sleeping in his room together with him .what is going on. She thought she must call THAT PERSON...
  • Hello, people do you like my chapter. Who do you think this girl is? Also who she might call? Please comment and let me know. If you want to add some ideas please tell me also. I will try my best. So please give me support ❤❤❤