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  • In a few moments the house was a scene of consternation and flabbergasted
  • wedding guests, all exclaiming and asking questions. Dr. Burnley lost his head
  • and turned himself loose, running through his whole repertoire of profanity,
  • regardless of women-folks.
  • Even Aunt Elizabeth was paralysed. There was no precedent to go by. Juliet
  • Murray, to be sure, had eloped. But she had got married. No clan bride had
  • ever done anything like  _this._  Emily alone retained some power of rational
  • thought and action. It was she who found out from young Rob Mitchell how Ilse
  • had gone. He had been parking his car in the barnyard when—
  • "I saw her spring out of that window with her train wrapped around her
  • shoulders. She slid down the roof and jumped to the ground like a cat—tore out
  • to the lane, jumped in Ken Mitchell's runabout and was off like the devil was
  • after her. I thought she must have gone crazy."
  • "She has—in a way. Rob, you must go after her. Wait—I'll get Dr. Burnley to go
  • with you. I must stay here to see to things. Oh, be as quick as you can. It's
  • only fourteen miles to Charlottetown. You can go and come in an hour. You
  • _must_  bring her back—I'll tell the guests to wait—"
  • "You'll not make much out of this mess, Emily," prophesied Rob.