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  • "April 2, 19—
  • "The spring has affected a certain youth of Shrewsbury who comes out to New
  • Moon occasionally. He is not a suitor of whom the House of Murray approves.
  • Nor, which is more important, one of whom E. B. Starr approves. Aunt Elizabeth
  • was very grim because I went to a concert with him. She was sitting up when I
  • came home.
  • "'You see I haven't eloped, Aunt Elizabeth,' I said. 'I promise you I won't.
  • If I ever want to marry any one I'll tell you so and marry him in spite of
  • your teeth.'
  • "I don't know whether Aunt Elizabeth went to bed with an easier mind or not.
  • Mother eloped—thank goodness!—and Aunt Elizabeth is a firm believer in
  • heredity."