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  • "I don't know as I'd take Ilse's leavings," remarked Aunt Elizabeth.
  • Emily flashed on Aunt Elizabeth one of her old starry looks.
  • "Ilse's leavings. Why, Teddy has always belonged to me and I to him. Heart,
  • soul and body," said Emily.
  • Aunt Elizabeth shuddered. One ought to feel these things—perhaps—but it was
  • indecent to say them.
  • "Always sly," was Aunt Ruth's comment.
  • "She'd better marry him right off before she changes her mind  _again,"_  said
  • Aunt Addie.
  • "I suppose she won't wipe  _his_  kisses off," said Uncle Wallace.
  • Yet, on the whole, the clan were pleased. Much pleased. After all their
  • anxieties over Emily's love affairs, to see her "settled" so respectably with
  • a "boy" well known to them, who had, so far as they knew at least, no bad
  • habits and no disgraceful antecedents. And who was doing pretty well in the
  • business of picture-painting. They would not exactly say so, but Old Kelly
  • said it for them.
  • "Ah, now, that's something like," said Old Kelly approvingly.