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  • Emily went blindly home and wept for her old friend in the room of her dreams.
  • What a gallant old soul he was—going out into the shadow—or into the
  • sunlight?—with a laugh and a jest. Whatever his faults there had never been
  • anything of the coward about old Mr. Carpenter. Her world, she knew, would be
  • a colder place now that he was gone. It seemed many years since she had left
  • New Moon in the darkness. She felt some inward monition that told her she had
  • come to a certain parting of the ways of life. Mr. Carpenter's death would not
  • make any external difference for her. Nevertheless, it was as a milestone to
  • which in after years she could look back and say,
  • "After I passed that point everything was different."
  • All her life she had grown, as it seemed, by these fits and starts. Going on
  • quietly and changelessly for months and years; then all at once suddenly
  • realizing that she had left some "low-vaulted past" and emerged into some "new
  • temple" of the soul more spacious than all that had gone before. Though
  • always, at first, with a chill of change and a sense of loss.