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Chapter 8

  • Emerald knew she'd be in big trouble if she didn't act fast once she saw the Mart security guards approach her.
  • “Excuse me Miss, we would like to ask you a few questions” the first man said when they reached her.
  • “Que problema?” She asked calmly asked in Spanish.
  • "I'm sorry miss...Do you speak English?" the second guard asked
  • "There you are sweetheart" A familiar voice said from behind her. “I’ve been looking all over you.” She instantly recognized the voice as Castel’s and before she could turn to look at him, a hand curled around her waist and pulled her close. What does he think he is doing?
  • She resisted the urge to move out of his hold because she realized he was only trying to help her so she stayed put while he talked to the guards.
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