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Chapter 7

  • Castel stood at the bottom of the steps at the entrance of the school five minutes before bell went off, he was going to make sure he didn’t miss her. He hoped she wouldn’t run away when she saw him, he knew why she was avoiding him but he didn’t even care about the Rolex or his phone he just wanted to talk to her. He couldn’t get her out of his mind no matter how much he tried, she had the most beautiful eyes he had seen, and her smile could make a man forget his name. No wonder she stole from him without his notice. He had been so distracted by her, and of course she didn’t look like a thief.   
  • The sound of the bell brought him out of his thoughts, the doors opened and students filed out in groups. His eyes scanned the crowd of students, looking for dark curly hair and a crochet top. He had to wait a few more minutes before he spotted her walking out the doors. He exhaled sharply when he felt the pull again, it happened anytime he saw her. He couldn’t get over how beautiful she was. That kind of beauty should be illegal. He thought.
  • He waited till she got to the bottom step before he approached her.
  • “Hey beautiful” He called out once he was close enough for her to hear him. She didn’t turn around, she just kept walking. He was very sure she heard him but she probably didn’t know he was talking to her. So he quickened his steps till he was right beside her.
  • “Hi” he said once he was beside her, hoping she wouldn’t ignore him again.
  • “Why are you following me?” She asked, still walking. He had completely forgotten about her mouth-watering accent. There were so many fascinating things about her.
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