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Chapter 16

  • Emerald saw the fear creep into Castel’s eyes immediately she heard his mother’s voice. Was he scared of his own mother?
  • “Castel? Why are you out here with a servant?” Mrs Mourinho asked with an icy tone, her eyes moving from Castel to Emerald.
  • “It’s definitely not what you’re thinking mother, I have a headache and i was headed upstairs” Castel started, his tone instantly changing from the soft one he was using to a harder one. “The girl got a little lost, I was only directing her back to the hall.”
  • The girl? Again? Emerald felt the anger building up in her as she listened to his explanation. 
  • “You’re lost girl?” His mother asked her with a frown.
  • “Yes I am, Sorry Ma’am.” She answered softly, going along with Castel’s lie, only because she was actually lost.
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