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Chapter 15

  • Emerald struggled to forget the ordeal that happened that morning, she tried to downplay it but she was really hurt. Her eyes were stinging with tears and she tried to maintain her composure as Maria addressed them, she focused on what Maria was saying instead. 
  • “Esmeralda? Que pasa?” Maria asked rubbing her arm softly “is everything okay?”
  • “Si. Why would you think there’s a problem?” Emerald asked forcing a smile. “I’m just a bit nervous, that’s all.”
  • “We’re not paying you to stand and chatter Miss Ruiz. That’s your name isn’t it?” An icy voice said from behind them. “It’s almost time for the party, your people should be in their places by now.”
  • “Apologies Mrs Mourinho, I was just giving them final directives so they don’t make any mistakes.” Maria replied as the woman came into sight.
  • Emerald inhaled sharply as Mrs Mourinho came into view, her elegance was overwhelming. From her sleek brown hair that was pulled into a loose chignon, to her perfectly formed facial features, her gorgeous dress. Beautiful would be an understatement. Her children looked so much like her, they even seem to have inherited the condescending tone and look from her.
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