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Chapter 14

  • Emerald looked at Castel and then the screaming girl, the resemblance was striking. They had the same deep blue eyes and beautifully sculpted nose. They were definitely related. Although the girl had a rotten attitude compared to Castel, she had spoken to her like she was less than a human. Well, thank God Castel was here, she would just ask him for directions to the rest room.
  • “What do you mean why am I screaming? This thing just called me rude” Graciela said pointing a neatly manicured finger at her. “I don’t know how she got in here but she needs to leave.”
  • Did she just call me a thing? Emerald thought to herself feeling the anger build up in her.
  • “Castel, I asked her really nicely for directions to a rest room and she made some really rude comments.” Emerald said defensively hoping he would understand.
  • “Did she just call your name? You know her?” The girl asked sounding more outraged and irritated than she did before. 
  • She silently hoped Castel would help her out here but her heart sank when he looked at her with a blank expression, almost as if he couldn’t recognize her.
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