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Chapter 12

  • Castel sat on the hood of his car in the parking lot after school, the school surrounding was already deserted, he just needed some time alone to think and his house was the last place he wanted to go. Sometimes he wished he would just stop existing, anything would be better than the emotional limbo he was constantly experiencing. His family was almost always disappointed in him, because he had never met their expectations. His father had been the only one that had showed concern for him and now that he was no more, there was nobody else. He desperately needed an escape from his life. He hated his family, they had always made him feel like an outcast ever since his dad died. Castel missed how he and his dad would play basketball together and go surfing and do all the fun stuff. Thinking about it made his eyes water. 
  • “How’re you doing up there big man?” He asked looking up at the sky. “It’s hell down here without you. I miss you so much” he blinked back the tears, sometimes he wished he had been on that plane with his father that day, at least he wouldn’t be alive with people that didn’t give two shits about him. He hated it here, he hated everything around him. 
  • “Hey” the sound of a small voice dragged him out of his thoughts. He didn’t bother looking up because he knew it was a girl and he was really not in the mood to be bugged by one of those right now. If he kept his head down long enough, maybe she would go away.
  • “I just wanted to say I’m sorry for everything, I completely understand if you don’t want to talk to me anymore.” The accent was thick and unmistakable. He lifted his head from his hands and looked down. He met her green eyes and she gave him a small smile. 
  • Is she really here? He asked himself, or was his brain showing him the escape he needed.
  • “I guess you don’t want to talk to me then, it’s fine though.” She pushed her hair away from her face “I deserve that. I’ll get your watch and phone back somehow. Can’t say the same for the cash though.” She laughed softly. 
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