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Chapter 11

  • Castel struggled to contain his anger as he watched Emerald walk away with Salvador. He was getting really frustrated with the whole thing. He had been a jerk earlier today in the locker room, he could’ve helped her instead of joining the boys. He probably came off as an asshole to her now and that was not his intention at all. And damn that Salvador always being the knight in shiny armor.
  • “You seem to be worried about something Cassie” he almost groaned aloud at the sound of Janelle’s squeaky voice. “The ghetto girl giving you a hard time I see” 
  • “Stay away from me, Janelle. Nothing I do is any of your business” He replied frustrated.
  • “Sheesh! Don’t take it out on me, I just care enough to ask” she flipped her blonde hair behind her “you’ve been standing there for a while staring at nothing”  
  • He looked around for a second, wondering how many people had witnessed the whole thing. He had a reputation in school here for being the most sought after guy, and now he felt like he was being constantly rejected by one girl and it was infuriating.
  • “Lost in your thoughts again I see” Janelle drawled in her usual way. “Anyways, your mother sent me an invite to Javier’s wedding, said it’s this Saturday?”
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