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Chapter 29 Her Pleasure

  • Lexi spread her legs, baring herself to Karl's gaze. Was it just to put up a show, or she was really inviting him? He couldn't tell till she dipped a finger into her wetness, removed it, and licked it, then she used it to seductively beckon to him, and he stood from where he sat on the mattress.
  • He was already naked, and like a Greek god, he walked up to her. Surely, she could see his desire, and how much he wanted her.
  • Karl went on his knees, and with the aid of his hands, he crouched up to her, and took her lips in a fiery kiss. It was the cold season in Strongfall, but Karl's tent was warm enough. It wasn't from a flame, or the burning of so many candles. Staring at Lexi, and getting lost in her violet gaze was enough to bring the heat to any man.
  • He broke the kiss and asked her, "Are you a goddess?"
  • Lexi smiled. She was now getting used to his flattery. "No," she said with a sultry voice. "Do I look like one?"
  • "Yes," he said and kissed her.
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