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Chapter 5

  • Theme: Meeting with Mr. Ruthless
  • The last thing on my mind was to marry someone I don't love. To marry someone I was not meant to be committed to. Lucas Shaul. That name sucks! It irritates me at its peak. Not to mention he is someone like my father. All my life, I had always dreamt to marry someone I love. Someone who won't act like a stranger to me but now, today, I would be meeting him.
  • I knew my father was offered something in exchange for me to marry Lucas. I don't even know him. I have never seen him before. I don't even know what he looks like. Only the rumors heard about him. He is cold and ruthless and I am sure he'd be mean to me.
  • Staring at my reflection in the mirror, my eyes were swollen. For the rest of the night, I cried my eyes out and screamed but that man I called my father wouldn't even hear me. And he is even using my mother as a threat to me. She would kill my mom if I don't accept marrying that so-called Lucas. Not for once had he ever cared for my mother and me. He only cared about his money and status. My dad could risk his life for anything that would provide him with money.
  • My eyes hurt as a result of crying so much. I had just taken my bath and I was planning to go to see my mom at the hospital. I just hope she will be okay by the time I get to the hospital. She would feel so bad if I break this terrible news to her. I don't want her to feel bad.
  • I carried my bag and walked to the door. Opening the door, I went out and proceeded to the door that leads outside but I realized it was locked. I twisted the knob over and over again but it didn't even budge. What the hell was happening? I hope it isn't what I am thinking. He didn't lock me in, did he? I sighed and went over to the back door but then it was locked too.
  • Gritting my teeth together, I turned back and went to the living room. I saw my father with some of his employees. He was attending to them. I don't care. He can't take my freedom away.
  • "I need to talk to you dad," I said.
  • "Hmm...I am in the middle of a meeting here, Adrianne. Your little talk can wait till after I am done." He muttered focusing his eyes on his laptop.
  • "This is very important, dad. I need to talk to you." I almost raised my voice.
  • "I said..."
  • I didn't allow him to finish talking.
  • "No. What are you guys still waiting for? Leave now!" I barked at the people sitting down. They all stood up and scurried away.
  • "What is the meaning of this? I was in the middle of a meeting." He said, standing on his feet.
  • "I want to visit mom at the hospital but your securities won't let me leave," I told him.
  • "That's right. Because you are not leaving this house until after the dinner with the Shauls. They would be here in the next five hours. You should be prepared."
  • "No, dad. I haven't agreed yet to meet them. You can't force me to marry someone I don't love. I don't even want him. Dad, please. We can talk this out. I am begging you. Please."
  • "Whether you like it or not, you are marrying Lucas. I am doing this for you."
  • "No, dad. You are doing this for yourself. You don't care about my happiness at all. You only care about your money and status. That is the only thing you care about. Not like you even love mom. You made her fall from the stairs and yet, you don't care. When last have you visited her in the hospital? Tell me, Dad. You don't even care about us. Outside, you behave as if we are one happy family but behind the camera, you treat us with cruelty I...."
  • I hadn't even finished talking when his large palm collided with my cheek so hard. I staggered back in shock. This was the first time my dad would ever raise his hand to hit me. It felt like a dream. I bat my eyelashes continuously. The only reason why I came to confront him was to plead with him and I think I went too far by speaking those words to him.
  • But come to think of it, he deserves those words I said to him. He hurt my mom and still threatened me to marry Lucas just for his benefit.
  • "You don't talk to your father like that. You foolish girl. I am trying to save you from those wretched low lives. You are marrying Lucas and that is final." He said and called his bodyguards. They took me to my room and locked me up. I banged on the door but all to no avail. I was locked up like a prisoner. I sat down on the floor and cried out. This was not what I asked for. Tears rolled freely from her eyes.
  • * Five hours later*
  • I rolled over to the other side of the bed until I heard someone opening the door to my room. I fluttered my eyes open and sat up. It was then three ladies entered my room. The first one was holding a box and the other ladies were holding the stupid dress he had gotten for me and makeup kits. I don't care what would happen but...
  • My dad stormed into my room.
  • "If she refuses, don't hesitate to tell me. I will teach her a lesson."
  • He gave his warnings and stormed out of my room.
  • Soon, I finish dressing up.
  • The black, body con dress hugged my body so tight that I could barely breathe. My cleavage was exposed and I was furious. I never liked all these dresses at all. Just then the door opened.
  • "The Shauls are here now. You better behave."
  • He warned.