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Eight Days

Eight Days

Emperor Gideon

Update: 2022-02-01

Chapter 1

  • Chapter One
  • Day One Tuesday
  • “Yes that’s what I am talking about, you look so good in this type of dressing style, in fact it fit you so much, it’s like the dress is made for you.”
  • That is Bisola Friend talking to her. Bisola and her friend who is Tolani are Friend for as long as they can remember, they met when they are High School, they click together since then, but then after High School, they depart after finishing High School. But then, luck decided to bring them back once again, they met back once again in the same University of Ibadan.
  • Five years later, they both pass out of the University with flying colour, Bisola Major in Marketing, while Tolani Major in Hostel Management. But then tragedy struck and Bisola mother died of Cancer. Bisola family forsake her when she needed them the most, in fact she alone bury her mother, none of her mother family is present for the last rite, only herself and few of her friends buried her mother.
  • With nowhere else to go to, and no job to support herself, Tolani decided to accommodate her friend in her house, luckily for her, she had an Uncle who link her up with few job, and she is an Hotel Manager in a very reputable Hotel in the State, thus it is easy for her to have Bisola living with her. Well that was about two years ago.
  • Meanwhile Bisola look down at her dressing once again, its comprise of a Sky Blue jacket over a black plaited skirt, the skirt is tight fitting that it shows all her curves, been a Lady who is well endowed in the Breast and Buttock region. Bisola smile and look at herself in the standing mirror.
  • “What about a belt?” Tolani said in a teasing tone. “It will sure finish it off. Oh! It will also make you look sexy that all those guys will sure droll and wish to take you to mama at home.” Tolani said finally.
  • Bisola gasp out in shock hearing Tolani comment, her hand flew up to cover her mouth which was open up in surprise. Tolani on her own slump down on the chair laughing uncontrollably, even tears begins to fall from her eyes as a result of too much laughter.
  • “Bisola its just a Sales Girl. I don’t even know why you are dressing to kill, it’s not like you are going out to met your Boyfriend parent.” Tolani said finally after laughing to her heart content.
  • Bisola feel frustrated. “Its my first day in my first work, I am nervous and I don’t want to leave a bad impression on the first day.“ Bisola sits down beside her friend. “You know how long I am jobless and living off you, I am just too nervous and confuse on what cloth to wear. I don’t want to be disqualified because of my dressing.”
  • Tolani puts her arm around her friend neck. “For crying out loud Bisola, you have the job already, just be neat and official enough, be your best not stretch your limit.”
  • Bisola and Tolani look at one another once again. Deep down in her heart, Bisola is grateful to have Tolani as her friend.
  • “I don’t even know what will have become of me if I don’t have you.” Bisola said and make an appreciative expression.
  • “Keep making that face, and I might be tempted to marry you by myself.” Tolani said jokingly. “You are just too beautiful.” Tolani said finally.
  • Bisola burst to laughter. Tolani check her wristwatch and she pick up her bag, quickly she leave the house behind. Bisola understands better than ask, she also takes off the black skirt, she rummage through her wardrobe again, she finds a Ash coloured Polo shirt and a blue Levi jeans, and she put them on, she also comb her long hairs back and put it into a bond, then she check out herself all over again and feel satisfied.
  • Finally she look around for another seconds, she take her lip gloss and apply it on her lips, she also apply a little powder on her face, then she apply mascara on her eyelids. Few minute later, she check herself out using the standing mirror.
  • “Good. Now I look perfect.” She said to herself.
  • Bisola close her two eyes for a few seconds, then she open her eyes once again, quickly she rush out of the house, she close the door behind her, and head to the main road to find a Taxi, luckily she get one just in time, she tells the Taxi driver her destination, the Taxi driver nod his head, Bisola enters into the Taxi, and it drive away.
  • Few minutes later, Bisola alight in front of a huge complex, after she pays the Taxi driver his money, she check her wristwatch and she squeeze her face in disappointment, despite all her effort not to be late to work on her first day at work, still she comes in late, the time reads 8:20am, yet she is to resume at work by 8:00am. Despite the disappointment, she proceed forward towards the Complex.
  • Finally she is standing opposite the building that house God's Grace Supermarket, gently she proceeds into the Supermarket, her employer sees her coming in, woman happen be in her late fifties, she point to her wristwatch when she sees Bisola standing before her. Bisola can only groan, she lower her head and apologize.
  • “I am sorry ma’am, I got caught up in traffic.” Bisola stammer, she finally lifts up her head to balance with her employer. “I promise it won’t happen again.”
  • “You knows very well that punctuality is very paramount in this job of ours.” The woman said in a cold tone.
  • “I am Sorry Mrs Kike, like I said before hand. It will never happen again.” Bisola said in an apology tone.
  • Bisola lower her head, but she can feels Mrs Kike gaze on her from head to toes, its like the woman is trying to examine her out. Bisola fidget and takes a step backward, but then she bang into the table behind her and she almost fall down. Quickly Mrs Kike hand shot forward and steady Bisola back to her balance before she fall down.
  • “Thank you Ma’am.” Bisola said apologetically.
  • “I really wish your days get better today.” Mrs Kike said and sits down.
  • “I really hope so too Ma’am.” Bisola said, she is glad because she knew that she is forgiven for today.
  • “Alright sit down, and let me brief you about your work.” Mrs Kike said, she bring out a folder and place it on the table.
  • Bisola nod her head and she also sits down opposite Mrs Kike, she listen attentively as Mrs Kike begins to instruct her and guide her on her job as a sales girl for the Supermarket. Bisola is quite familiar with few things about been a sales girl, but Bisola is always the girl who always gives room for more knowledge for herself.