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Chapter 6 I Don't Want To Stay Here

  • ‘Finally, you reached where I wanted you to’ Enzo intertwined his fingers and leaned forward to stare directly into her eyes.
  • ‘What are you talking about’ stutter she question in vague.
  • ‘Your parents are in Russian mafia’ gritting his teeth, he yelled at her.
  • ‘I didn’t know it before today and what it has to do with me anyway?’ holding her head in her palms she asked in annoyance.
  • What was the problem with this man, why was he dragging her in matters when she has no input in them.
  • ‘I am the leader of Italian Mafia, you are currently under the roof of a mafia and Russian mafia, we are enemies’ he stood from the chair infuriating, bringing out the gun from inside of his blazer and pointed it towards her.
  • ‘Still what it has to do with me, I am not working for any mafia, you have seen the file, I was a part time worker and that’s all’ though she was scaring to death seeing the gun, still she tried to clear her position, she wanted to live after all and has no wish to be remaining stuck with this mafia world.
  • ‘I am asking again, why should I believe you, now after knowing that your family is in mafia too, they are my enemies which makes you the one’ Riley clenched her teeth, it was too much for her.
  • ‘Don’t believe me, I don’t care about it, just let me go from here and everything will be fine’ she hit the file on the desk creating a thudding noise in the room.
  • ‘Don’t you dare to talk back to me, and keep your voice low, otherwise you are just a game of one bullet for me’ Enzo’s rage wasn’t subsiding.
  • ‘Kill me then, I ran from my own house for the freedom but just because of my foolishness I am stuck in here with you, who only knows one thing threating me of this toy of yours’ Riley wanted to break each and every solid piece of this room, just because of her parents her whole life has become a nightmare for her.
  • ‘Why should I kill you?’ Riley startled at a totally different response, this was not the one she expecting.
  • ‘Because you are a psychopath’ she muttered, didn’t dare to say it out loud, unfortunately she doesn’t know that mafia people have many expertise and skills, picking the words from the movement of her lips, he glared at the small girl.
  • ‘I am a psychopath? Than let me show you how much of a psychopath I am’ warning in his voice ran down shiver in her body.
  • ‘Come in my office’ he asked for someone through intercom.
  • ‘Please listen to me, I am nobody, I am not with any mafia and my parents don’t love me instead they hate me so keeping me imprison would not help you’ Riley realized she had done wrong offending him, she must sort out this matter remaining sane.
  • ‘First thing, forget you can go from here, you should have thought that before entering into some one stranger car, when you didn’t think about this at that time, don’t nag in front of me for this, I get it you ran that night but it has nothing to do with me’ his harsh voice killed all her encouragement.
  • ‘But why I can’t go from here?’ she asked in low voice, may be this can help.
  • ‘Once you enter in mafia world, there is no going back’ Enzo lit the cigar and pressed it between his lips, his eyes were getting red, the thought that Russian mafia are actively working on bringing them down was igniting his heart.
  • ‘It was not my choice, you brought me here’ shocked she reminded him of what he has done with her.
  • ‘It doesn’t matter here’ exhaling a long puff of cigar he said nonchalantly.
  • The firm knock on the door paused their conversation.
  • ‘Come in’ the door opened slowly revealing an old man wearing a white and black chef uniform, covering the distance between the door and to his desk, man bowed to him, he kept his gaze on the floor.
  • ‘Daniel, her name is Riley and she will be working under you in the kitchen. Make sure, all the staff is transferred from the kitchen except two, and she will be responsible for the major work’
  • ‘Okay don, as you say’ the man named Daniel glanced at her and get back to his old position.
  • ‘You can leave now she will join you in half an hour’ Daniel bowed again before leaving the room.
  • The shock was too much for Riley that she forgot to stop him or question him.
  • ‘What was that?’ she asked him.
  • ‘You will work here as my servant, if you have objection, dungeon is available for the option’ she fisted her hands.
  • ‘And what if I escape’ Enzo couldn’t stop himself from laughing, since they were talking it was first time that she made him laugh out loud.
  • ‘Oh Riley, it is not possible, when you will leave this room, you will find my men in every corner of the mansion and believe me when I say, you can’t escape forget about this’ she narrowed her eyes at him, though the cockiness of this man was urging her to shatter everything but she needs to calm, she was confident if she can escape from her parents she can escape from here too.
  • ‘Where is my bag?’ Enzo shrug his shoulder.
  • ‘I don’t know’ Riley rolled her eyes, what a bastard he was, she always thought her father and stepmother were the monster but after meeting him she realized she overstated their skills.
  • ‘Get lost from here now, my man is standing outside he will show you the directions’ once he was done talking her presence was irritating him, she also wanted to not stay in his presence, hence she stood to leave the room.