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Chapter 27

  • I have wished for a comm a hundred thousand times an hour since they stuck m_n this shithole, and now that I have one, I don’t know who to call. No_mart. Not happy.
  • I run my fingers over the keypad, think about all the stupid, terribl_ecisions that I made on the way to this place in my life. I feel like I coul_urst into tears, like I could tear the hair out of my head, like I coul_ound my fists bloody on the floor. My fingers, splayed over the keypad, ta_ut the old nervous rhythms of the phone numbers I’ve know all my life, m_irst house, my Mom’s comm, Gran’s place.
  • Gran. I tap out her number and hit the commit button. I put the phone to m_ead.
  • “Gran?”
  • “Arthur?”
  • “Oh, Gran!”
  • “Arthur, I’m so worried about you. I spoke to your cousins yesterday, the_ell me you’re not doing so good there.”
  • “No, no I’m not.” The stitches in my jaw throb in counterpoint with my back.
  • “I tried to explain it all to Father Ferlenghetti, but I didn’t have th_etails right. He said it didn’t make any sense.”
  • “It doesn’t. They don’t care. They’ve just put me here.”
  • “He said that they should have let you put your own experts up when you ha_our hearing.”
  • “Well, of course they should have.”
  • “No, he said that they had to, that it was the law in Massachusetts. He use_o live there, you know.”
  • “I didn’t know.”
  • “Oh yes, he had a congregation in Newton. That was before he moved to Toronto.
  • He seemed very sure of it.”
  • “Why was he living in Newton?”
  • “Oh, he moved there after university. He’s a Harvard man, you know.”
  • “I think you’ve got that wrong. Harvard doesn’t have a divinity school.”
  • “No, this was after divinity school. He was doing a psychiatry degree a_arvard.”
  • Oh, my.
  • “Oh, my.”
  • “What is it, Arthur?”
  • “Do you have Father Ferlenghetti’s number, Gran?”