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Chapter 7 Client takes it own time

  • Navi started working half heartedly, making faces at the camera.
  • Hardeep called her and said stop making funny faces and be a good assistant and finish your work.
  • Navi completed the work by 2:30 pm and went to the restroom to freshen up.
  • She informed Hardeep that she's ready to go, Hardeep asked her to meet him in the parking lot as he had to make a call to the client.
  • "Ok*, saying so she took the elevator and went to the underground car parking.
  • After a few minutes, Hardeep was there with his usual office look.
  • After opening the car door he slid in and indicated Navi to get in. Without a single word, they reached the hotel Ramada, one of the best hotels in the country.
  • After stepping in, Navi could feel the adornment of the fusion of traditional and modern art. The color scheme was eye soothing and glassy. The doors were all hand designed, even the furniture was ethnic. Chandler's were dimly lit, all together it could be said, the architect and the interior designer worked together to get the magnificent result.
  • The conference hall had all formal decor with different shades of brown on the wall and all matching furniture. The cushioned chairs were intrinsically designed with a smooth roofed table.
  • "It seems we are early, the other party is "yet to come…" Navi said with sarcasm, as she couldn't wait to find out the truth about the mysterious party they were supposed to meet.
  • Hardly she said, there was a light knock on the door and the other party came in. Navi was amazingly shocked to see the lady, a top heroine of the 80's, Ms. Tandon.
  • The way Hardeep went forward to greet her and she also reciprocated by hugging him. It seemed as if they knew each other for long.
  • "Hi, you must be my boy's new PA! Glad to meet you".
  • "The pleasure is mine, maam*", taking in her classic sense of dress, said Navi. The lady being a name was very much down to earth she discovered as the presentation proceeded.
  • Navi felt comfortable once she started explaining the digital process to Ms Tandon and her team.
  • It took almost two hours to finalize the deal. Both the parties were happy and seemed impressed with each other.
  • Hardeep was also fazed with the brains of his PA, how she managed and presented the theme with confidence.
  • The doubts he had earlier about getting her appointed as his PA with his father all went up in the air today after listening and seeing her level of preparation for the presentation.
  • He wanted to hug her and congratulate her but held back.
  • Together they left for the mall, to meet Radha for shopping as Hardeep had promised Navi that he'll drop her.
  • After dropping her, Hardeep went back to the office to finish his work. But all he could do was think about the girl who was turning his life upside down by her dreamy eyes.
  • To clear his mind, he called his friend Aradhya, who happened to live in the same city and asked him to come to the office.
  • No sooner did Ardhaya come, they met with a smile and hugged each other. Aradhya started praising.
  • "Oh my, someone has really been climbing the stairs of success and I'm proud to be his partner in crime!" All was said good naturedly, bringing out a loud laughter from Hardeep.
  • "Now on a serious note, tell me what's bothering you?" Aradhya asked him
  • "Nah, nothing" avoiding his gaze.
  • "Hardeep, I've known you since school days and your mood swings also, any girl out there to kill your heart? Is it true or not!!!"
  • "Stop that and help me to be a normal person again. She's damn cute and those looks, I don't think anybody is so gorgeous."
  • "Fine", he said rubbing his hands," let's get to the job, you told me on phone that your guardians are going out of town for a week or so, you get enough time to woo your girl". "Just don' t forget your boundaries, hmmm", I replied, "I know, tell me the plan."
  • Once everybody was back, the dining table was covered with all the shopping bags and the chatting of the ladies had no stoppage, even for drinking water. Hardeep and Radha's husband both were looking amused yet helpless. They simply asked Jenny to take the bags to the room and asked the ladies if they had the permission to lay the table as it was getting late, "no," came the reply in unison and "Jenny don't take the bags till our shopping is appreciated" Radha said. She asked Navi to show them the dresses, jewelry. Navi obliged and started showing the dresses and kept them simultaneously in the bags. "Wow, what a methodical girl you are!!" Hardeep said in the low voice,, Navi was startled as she was all lost in packing up.She looked up and saw herself lost in those looks and shyly bowed her head and licked her lips. "Don't" "don't what", Navi asked "nothing", replied Hardeep and reminded Jenny for dinner,
  • Radha also asked Navi to stop the work and have dinner on "beta gift wrap after dinner, I'll also help you", "no bua I'll manage, you take care of yourself". Saying so she started cleaning the table for dinner keeping all the bags in the guest room on the ground floor only. Hardeep also followed her carrying the remaining bags. The room suddenly seemed smaller, and Hardeep was in no mood to let Navi off the hook. He quickly pecked on her cheeks and rushed out, leaving Navi all shocked.
  • Poor girl, all blushing upto her hair roots, took some time to regain her and then she joined others for dinner.
  • "Navi, where are you lost, penny for your thoughts", Navi was startled by Radha's voice," nowhere bua g, I'm all here, ", saying so she quickly gulped a glass of water.
  • "Navi beta, I informed your mom that we are going for a week and you'll be here with Hardeep, ok, no problem in managing??"," No, not at all Jenny is here, to give me a hand" "and I'm also a good company", Hardeep smirked, Navi just glared at him and said nothing.
  • Radha said, laughingly, "I know beta, that's why we are going, Navi is a brave girl but you know we'll be more relaxed if you two won't bicker around, and live peacefully".