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Chapter 2 Preparing Breakfast

  • Chapter 2
  • Navi got up early to help her bua in preparing breakfast, she helped her in making paranthas( Indian flat bread made of flour). "Navi, you go and get ready, as today is your presentation, and don't worry, I' ll serve these. By the way, don't forget to take your lunch box, every second day you forget it, why ``'' Oh bua, all this act of childness is to hear your loving scoldings. Love you dear", Navi said laughingly and ran to her room to get ready. Hardeep was just coming down for breakfast," hold on it seems there's a fire nearby, seeing your speed! "" No, grumpy CEO,", she replied and quickly closed the door of her room to get ready.
  • Within fifteen minutes Navi was all ready and came down, she hurriedly gulped the glass of milk and was almost at the door, when uncle called back and said pulling her leg, "beta, relax first have your breakfast, or is it again one of your bua's special recipe which you are dreading to taste? ". Glares were flaying round Mandeep, and kids were grinning
  • "No, I have to rush to the office and check everything before the old man arrives". "Relax, take the driver today, I don't want you to drive in this state of mind!"" Aww, thank you uncle, I'll ask the driver uncle to take me after having his breakfast". Navi replied.
  • After half an hour, Navi was at the office all safe and sound and in one piece. But the moment she entered the office she was back to her helping attire, managing everything smoothly without disturbing.
  • After an hour or so, the front office lady just pinged her to tell boss was here and wanted to see her before heading to the conference room. Navi took a deep breathe and adjusted her suit and then went to knock on the CEO, no not on his head, though these were her thoughts, but instead she knocked the door. "Come in", came the deep voice, "please close the door", after she entered the room. She was trying to see him, as his chair was facing the wall and he was busy on the laptop.
  • "Sir, do you need anything, I'm Navi, an intern". "Have you prepared all the notes for the meeting? "The boss asked without turning back.
  • "Yes sir, would you like to go through it before the meeting? "Navi replied." No, you can start the meeting within ten minutes, as I've to brief up everyone with the upcoming projects." "Sure sir, see you in the conference room then", saying she left the cabin with an unsure look. ""What happened? Did you get the chance to sneak peek at the handsome hunk!" Asked Reva, another intern, a lively girl by nature." Get your laptops and be in the conference room within seven minutes everyone as per the orders and Noon, I didn't see the old man as I talked to his back, satisfied, now hurry up", Navi told.
  • The CEO was just going to the conference hall and happened to overhear her, with a slight smirk, he along with his manager kept on moving towards the exclusive elevator only for the CEO, as the conference hall was on the twentieth floor.
  • Rest of the crew went in another lift and almost reached the hall at the same time.
  • The hall was properly lit up, with proper lighting, chairs and tables all set. Yes one could say, it was all well prepared with a projector and hard copies of the agenda were kept on each table.
  • The CEO was indeed impressed, but let's see what happens after the meeting?
  • The moment after everyone was settled the assistant asked for Navi after getting the nod from the boss.
  • "I'm here", came the reply from the door. "You're late, please find the lights before the presentation starts". "Sure, but I'm not late, I was just rechecking the arrangements, still one minute left to start the meeting", saying so, Navi quietly, dimmed the lights and took over the Mike to start off with the presentation.
  • Once it was over, she came back to her table and took her seat and waited with everyone for the boss to speak. The moment the deep voice started speaking, she somehow felt that she heard this voice somewhere. Earlier also she had the same thought , but she shrugged her shoulders.