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Chapter 861 Pitiful Beggar

  • Hearing the man's words, Alex finally recalled why the name seemed so familiar. The man before him was Edmund, a friend of his back in university.
  • “Edmund, you've changed drastically. I could barely recognize you.” Cheerfully, Alex tried to strike up a friendly conversation. After all, Edmund was now an employee working in his company.
  • Truthfully, they weren't particularly close friends in university. They only knew each other because of their mutual friends and similar social circles.
  • As Edmund retrieved the takeout from Alex's outstretched hand, a look of disdain flitted across his face. “Speaking of change, I believe that you were the one who changed more than me. I can't believe that you've resorted to delivering takeout. Weren't you a security guard at Four Seas Corporation? What happened? Did they fire you?” Edmund sneered mockingly.
  • When Edmund realized that Alex, an old classmate of his, was the one who'd delivered his takeout, he couldn't help but rejoice at this unexpected coincidence.
  • Although they rarely interacted in university, Edmund had always harbored a long-time crush on Heather. Even so, she got together with Alex instead. Hence, Edmund could not approach her and only watched the couple silently from afar.
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